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What to buy and buy in September


Spending money is inevitable. We need groceries, gas, and other essentials to get us through — and hopefully enjoy life. Other times when we spend money, we splurge, making a larger purchase on a must-have (or wanted) item.

However, no one is made of money, so it’s important to get the most out of your money when making those larger purchases.

Retailers budget for sales in their monthly forecasts and a savvy buyer can take advantage of the timing. Read below to find out what’s on sale in September (Hello Labor Day!!) and what big buys you might want to wait a few more months.

To buy

It’s finally time to take advantage of all the Labor Day sales. We repeat: all Labor Day sales. Top items for sale include:

  • Major Appliances
  • Mattress
  • iphones and androids
  • Garden furniture

Don’t buy

Wait months before buying the following:

  • TVs: Black Friday sales promise to deliver deep sales
  • Halloween Costumes and Decor: Unless you desperately need to get your Halloween goods now, wait until October when retailers start offering discounts on holiday merchandise.
  • Fall Clothing: Expect to pay top dollar for sweaters, boots, and scarves until mid-fall.
  • Travel plans: Do you want to travel next year? Wait until Black Friday to book for 2023, when discounts abound.
  • Electronics: Black Friday deals are always geared towards electronics. Wait until after Thanksgiving to buy your cameras, cooking utensils and more.