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What is the release date of Fragrant Story?


Fragrant Story is an upcoming strategy role-playing game coming to 3DS (yes in 2022) from William Kage and his studio Squire Games. The game was announced on Kage’s YouTube channel and is set to release on April 21.

Alongside his team, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto helped with the music for Fragrant Story, coyly named after the PlayStation classic.

Fragrant Story will indeed have a physical version when it launches next month, but it will be in limited quantities and only available on the game’s official website. There are three different physical versions available. The standard version retails for $35 and includes the game plus the soundtrack CD and digital download code. The Collector’s Edition includes the game, soundtrack, keychain, tarot cards, stat pins, poster, air freshener, and art book for $70. Finally, the Signed Collector’s Edition is exactly the same as the normal Collector’s Edition, except it’s signed by director William Kage and retails for $120.

Fragrant Story will also be available to download from the Nintendo eShop (while you can) for just $4. It’s unclear whether or not the price was decided based on the length of the game or because the eShop is closing soon and Kage wanted as many people as possible to buy it. Kage and his team at Squire Games plan to release more 3DS games in the future, including a Chrono Trigger-inspired game called Cosmo Break and SixEngine which is inspired by Final Fantasy VI.