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Wellington.scoop.co.nz “” Gobsmacked: “New Zealand Boutique Named New Zealand Bookstore of the Year


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The Nielsen Book NZ Bookstore of the Year award at last night’s annual Book Industry Awards turned out to be an embarrassment of wealth. This year’s winner is Schrödinger’s Books on Jackson Street in Petone, a relative newcomer, which won’t open until September 2019.

The judges said Schrödinger’s had it all: “beautiful physical space, striking storefronts and merchandising excellence, an emphasis on personalized customer service, and commercial and community reach beyond their own doors. Their inventory is specific and organized, having developed a specialization in Manga and a deliberate differentiation from their local competitor.

“They quickly opened up to social media, created a website, actively stepped up their event programs and made sure they were part of the small community with lots of book clubs and cross promotions with others. local retailers.

“They are resilient, resourceful, environmentally conscious and they understand their strengths. They have a strong aesthetic and a commitment to being original and offering something different.

“There have been so many quality nominations for this award that it’s hard to single out one. There are many wonderful bookstores in New Zealand with amazing stories. This year, we are honoring a bookstore that is building its legacy within our incredible community of bookstores. “

Schrödinger’s Books was surprised and delighted to receive the award. On the Zoom show, visibly stunned co-owner Mary Fawcett said, “I’m totally stunned.”

Aotearoa New Zealand Booksellers Managing Director Dan Slevin said: “We are proud of all of our bookstores who not only survive but thrive in today’s difficult environment and have been so impressed with the tenacity, persistence and creativity of Schrdinger’s Books in Troubled Times. “

New Zealand Publishing Association Te Rau o Tākupu Director Catriona Ferguson said the book industry is well served by passionate booksellers who continue to inspire in a changing environment.

The Book Industry Awards are organized by booksellers Aotearoa New Zealand and PANZ Te Rau o Tākupu (The New Zealand Publishers Association) and sponsored by Nielsen Book, which provides data and statistical information to the entire industry.