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Wellesley Business Buzz: Go Pink for Ellie Fund; Stretch Lab cuts the tape; Wellesley Books author tours are back; Real estate revival; Soccer registrations


The latest business news from Wellesley, Mass. :

Wellesley goes pink for the Ellie Fund

Be on the lookout for Wellesley retailers honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by turning the city pink with decorated window displays and pink-themed events. Some companies will donate a percentage of their sales or collect contributions to support the Ellie Fund.

The Ellie Fund support takes place at Wellesley throughout the week of October 1-8. More information here on Wellesley Square attendees and Linden Square activities.

The Ellie Fund’s mission is to provide essential support services to breast cancer patients to ease the stresses of everyday life, allowing them to focus on family, recovery and healing. The foundation provides free transportation to medical appointments, light housekeeping, nutritional and grocery assistance, childcare reimbursement, nutritious prepared/delivered meals, and integrative therapy services. No proof of financial need, residency or citizenship is required. To donate to the Ellie Fund, click here.

StretchLab in Linden Square under new ownership

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dr. Jamie Snead is qualified to assess the safety and effectiveness of a studio that offers one-on-one stretching as a way for clients to stay flexible and prevent injury. Jamie (as he prefers to spend in the studio) is not only chief of orthopedics at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro, he also went through the StretchLab training program, which he proclaimed “pretty intense.”

StretchLab Wellesley
StretchLab owners Dr. Jamie Snead (wearing a hat) and Kelly Snead (wielding scissors) at the grand opening. Local figures were in attendance, including Select Board member Beth Sullivan Woods (far left, in bright blue) and Lise Elcock of the Charles River Regional Chamber.

The idea behind individual stretching is that certified “flexologists” work with clients one-on-one to identify bodily tensions and imbalances, and customize a stretching routine. The goal is to experience the freedom that comes with a greater range of motion and flexibility.

Jamie, along with his wife and business partner Kelly, came across a StretchLab franchise when they were vacationing in Arizona a few years ago. They tried a sample stretch and were impressed. “When we came back here we looked into it and ended up buying the existing Wellesley Linden Square franchise,” she said.

One of the flexologists reworked my hip flexors for 30 minutes while I was there for the grand opening of the studio. Although I still needed a hip replacement (they’re flexologists, not miracle workers), I came away feeling like my joints had benefited from the attention. More importantly, the young lady who worked with me listened to me. As she stretched me, there was no pressure to endure the pain and she made no sudden movements during the session.

Company: StretchLab
Location: Linden Square, Wellesley (opposite the CVS drive-in)
Call: 339-217-0217

Join Wellesley Youth Soccer now

Wellesley soccerEnrollment is still open for Wellesley Youth Soccer’s in-town programs from pre-kindergarten to grade three and for the professionally-led additional development program for grades pre-kindergarten to grade five.

Register today at www.wellesleysoccer.org or email [email protected]

Wellesley Books author visit

In-person author tours are back at Wellesley Books, so I stopped by to see dynamic best-selling author duo Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone on their tour to promote their joint effort, A Happy little meet cute. With candid scenes about mental health issues, the progressiveness of sex work, queer self-acceptance and more, the holiday-themed romance isn’t your usual rom-com. What this genre has in common is the fun of romantic fiction, hi-jinks and hilarity.

Julie Murphy (left) and Sierra Simone (right) talked about their holiday romantic comedy, A Merry Little Meet Cute, at Wellesley Books
Julie Murphy (left) and Sierra Simone (right) talked about their holiday romantic comedy, A happy little cute encounterat Wellesley Books

Julie is the author of the book Y/A Pellet‘ (and its Netflix adaptation starring Jennifer Aniston), about a self-proclaimed fat girl who enters her small town in Texas’ annual beauty pageant. Sierra, as she delicately put it on the read, writes “a little spicier. I tend to write a little more forbidden things. Medieval bodice rippers that include ancient and sexy secrets are right in her wheelhouse.

It all started in the back of a van

Julie and Sierra loved the sold-out read, providing audiences with the story of their own best friends’ stories. Like so many cute tales, theirs started in the back of a van at the start of a writer’s tour. Julie had agreed to go on tour, but had a long list of doubts. “I’m not very good with foreigners. And I’m not very good at sharing a room with people I don’t know. I love my privacy,” she revealed to the audience.

Prepared to hate Sierra, her tour roommate, Julie had prepared everything. “Hi, I’m Julie Murphy, and sometimes I snore,” she said by way of self-introduction.

“It’s okay,” Sierra said. “I have narcolepsy and I can sleep through anything.”

That was eight years ago, and they’ve been best friends ever since. A Happy little meet cute began when the couple retreated to a small cabin in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma just before Christmas. It was a place where Julie and Sierra found they could let loose at their own pace. “These little cabins were always decorated for Christmas, and it really set the mood,” Julie said.

And out of this mood came A happy little cute encounter, which Sierra says is a plus-size rom-com about “an adult content creator who’s teamed up with a heart-of-gold adult entertainment producer.” His job as an adult film producer isn’t as lucrative as he needs it to be right now. So he wonders if, to earn quick money, he launches into the cinema of holidays? »

Of course, the flawless Hallmark-type movie star has to keep his regular gig in adult filmmaking a secret. Of course, someone on set knows her secret. Things could get so scorching in the town of Christmas Notch that the snow will start to melt.

Note: Despite Sierra’s Y/A chops, this is not a book for your young adult reader.

BOOK: A Happy little meet cute
AUTHORS: Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone
EDITOR: HarperCollins

What’s behind Wellesley’s “real estate renaissance”?

The Charles River Regional Chamber on Oct. 6 (12 p.m.-1 p.m.) presents an online panel discussion on Wellesley’s “real estate renaissance,” the subject of a recent boston globe article written by a journalist who interviewed none other than Mr. Swellesley among other locals. The online session is free for members, $20 for non-members.

Wellesley’s property action has included new restaurants and retailers, new multi-family developments, as well as the first stages of bio-laboratories.


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