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We need competent and honest literary critics: Peona Afrose


Peona Afrose

Writer Peona Afrose said the habit of reading books will not flourish in society unless competent literary critics take the field to broaden the horizons of readers.

“Although the biggest book sales take place in the country during the Amar Ekushey Book Fair, bookworms are still on the lookout for quality books throughout the year. They will benefit greatly if dedicated and knowledgeable literary critics regularly assess new literary works that hit the shelves. Therefore, we need eligible and honest literary critics who can help enrich readers’ understanding of literary works,” Peona Afrose told New Age.

The collection of stories by Peona Afrose titled Nihata Jyotsna and the collection of poems titled Abhyeser Moto Kichhu Bhul are now available in various bookstores.

‘Nihata Jyotsna contains nine stories that I have written over the past two years. The stories describe a variety of social and psychological issues. Readers will gain insight into deception in the name of love, people’s desire for salvation at the juncture of life and death, contemporary social instability, and more. In fact, I tried to experience life in a new way by writing the stories,” said Peona Afrose.

Abhyeser Moto Kichhu Bhul is his first collection of poems. It was published under the Darikoma banner in preparation for the month-long Amar Ekushey Book Fair. It contains 37 poems.

‘Abhyeser Moto Kichhu Bhul is my first collection of poems. I tried to portray the angst, people’s struggles, lived reality and others in the book,” said Peona Afrose, adding, “Readers can purchase the books from bookstores, namely, Pathak Samabesh, Baatighar, Bengal and different online platforms including Rokomari.’

Peona Afrose thinks people are becoming less dependent on bookstores due to the rise of online book selling sites.

“During the Covid-19 crisis, people got used to buying books online. As a result, book lovers are gradually becoming less dependent on bookstores to purchase new books. This is of course a positive development as people who live far from bookstores can get their hands on the latest books by ordering books online. However, we must bear in mind that the most important thing is not where we buy the books from, but to foster the habit of reading in the people around us,” concluded Peona Afrose.