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US manga sales more than doubled in 2021


U.S. manga sales more than doubled (in units) at retailers tracked by NPD BookScan in 2021, according to early information from the company. Manga unit sales in accounts tracked by NPD were 24.4 million units in 2021, up 15 million units from 2020, a growth rate of approximately 160%. Due to a classification issue involving certain titles of my hero academiathe actual number of manga units sold was likely higher for both years, which may have affected the growth rate somewhat.

Manga’s big year in 2021 comes as no surprise; we’ve seen the category dominate in our monthly rankings of the Top 20 Graphic Novels for Adults, often accounting for most or all of the top 20 (see, for example, December at “NPD BookScan December 2021 – Top 20 Graphic Novels for Adults “).

We’ve also seen manga appear among the top sellers in comic book stores, a rare occurrence over the past decade (see, for example, “Top 20 Graphic Novels – December 2021”).

Watch ICv2 for more 2021 sales information in the weeks and months ahead.

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