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The Bookseller – News – Trade groups join forces for first time in industry-wide campaign to tackle environmental impact


Six of the country’s leading publishing and bookseller trade associations have agreed plans to reduce environmental impacts through a new Sustainable Industry Forum (SIF).

The forum brings together the Association of Authors’ Agents, the Booksellers Association, Book Industry Communications, the Independent Publishers Guild, the Publishers Association and the Society of Authors to collaborate on projects aimed at take practical steps to make the industry more sustainable, share best practices, reduce duplication of effort, and improve transparency and accountability.

This is the first time that such a forum has been organized in all the associations. Those involved say it highlights how seriously the industry is taking the climate challenge.

Amanda Ridout, Chair of the IPG and the first SIF meeting, said, “All of our industry associations are individually sponsoring projects and activities to tackle the issue of sustainability. This forum is an opportunity to ensure that there is no duplication of effort, that data and solutions are shared, and that everyone is kept informed of progress. It is an important step forward to unite our efforts to meet this enormous challenge that we all face.

The forum will be led by a central steering committee, made up of two representatives from each of the six bodies with a rotating chair for each, and will meet quarterly.

In its first meeting, the SIF agreed on its purpose, mission and objectives. Its main mandate will be Publishing Declares, a series of pledges launched by the AP last year for businesses to sign up to.

His practical plans include the creation of four working groups focused on the supply chain, including transport and use of plastics, end-of-life treatment of books, including returns and disposal, paper and printing and book finishing and raw materials.

The groups will build on previous sustainability research, including the IPG’s Book Journeys project, which has measured the carbon footprint of various publishing formats and models, and is currently collecting data on book stewardship. at the end of life. The forum will provide regular updates on its progress and engage with other industry companies and organizations as appropriate.

Nicola Solomon, Managing Director of the SoA, said: “We are delighted that industry groups are coming together to work towards achieving meaningful and measurable action on sustainability in the book sector. Climate change and threats to biodiversity are the main issues we face. and while the solutions are not simple, we must work together to bring about urgent and substantial change.”

Author Piers Torday, of the SoA Sustainability Working Group, also added: “In the fight against the climate crisis, it is time that the values ​​that so many writers and illustrators express on the page correspond to the physical values ​​of the page. in the ground to the book in your hand: we want the issue to clear up its act.”

Karina Urquhart, Executive Director of BIC, said: “As the UK book industry supply chain organization, BIC naturally places efficiency and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. she does. The scale and urgency of the environmental challenges we all face compel us to act. quickly, together and without duplication of effort. Bringing these associations together to collaborate in this area is an incredibly positive step for the book industry.