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The Blue Collar Bookseller Review: Building a Better Mousetrap | Comments


“If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor…” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yeah, build a better mousetrap and the world will make its way to your doorstep, but you’re just gonna have to reseed the lawn, and that’s not the point is it? You want to catch the little bugger running around in your wall.

You could just buy yourself a cat. Now, living in rural Pennsylvania in what was essentially a converted barn, I expected to have a rodent problem. I also expected my cats to catch mice. Fortunately, there are several ways to skin a cat or catch a mouse.

The traditional spring trap works with mixed results, the mouse may grab the bait and run, you may forget to check the trap, only to be reminded that you caught something by the stench that greets you when you return home after a long day. at work, or your children and pets may enjoy triggering it.

Believe me. You don’t want to weave storytelling magic in the middle of the night when a trap goes off and the pet hamster goes missing. I also found the sticky paper to be a cruel way to catch mice, and the mice quickly learned to avoid areas containing the sticky surface.

You can opt for a small live trap if you want, but why go to all the expense when a bit of duct tape, a cardboard paper towel tube and a 5 gallon bucket can quickly be turned into a good trap? market ?

Simply place the tube on the edge of a counter that has been visited overnight by your little furry pests. Glue it down leaving about two inches hanging down from the edge. You are going to want to put a slight bend in the tube right at the edge of the counter.

Smear some peanut butter in the tube overhanging the bucket you have prepared to catch the vermin, and when the mouse enters the tube to take the bait, the tube bends and slides it into the waiting receptacle. You can then decide to feed it to the lazy cat, flush it down the toilet, or release it into your neighbor’s garden.

A frugal friend suggested this to me years ago, and it worked many times, except for the times when my cats decided to let their curiosity run wild and knocked my contraption to the floor.

I was recently reintroduced to this trick in Manskills: How to Ace Life’s Challenges, Save the World, and Wow the Crowd, a book by Chris Peterson and published by Cool Springs Press. It’s packed with quick tips, tricks, and skills that any man or woman will find useful.

There are techniques for splitting wood, recaulking your tub, and snaking a clog. In just two paragraphs, you can learn how to take care of that cigarette burn your friend left on the carpet.

You may have never used a cookie cutter before, but it could be for more than just baking. Sleep easy with the money you save and learning how to stop the toilet from leaking. It’s probably just the valve seat or a pull chain that’s too short. This time, you can expect to get your entire security deposit back…

Building a better mousetrap? Or if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Comment and let me know.

Want to know more about cats that work in a bookstore and don’t smile? You can read Huck & Finn, Bookstore Cats. A book about a day in the life of Huck & Finn and what they do at the bookstore.

Kevin Coolidge is currently a full-time factory worker and part-time bookseller at From My Shelf Books & Gifts in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. When he is not working, he writes. He is also a children’s author and creator of The Totally Ninja Raccoons, a children’s series aimed at reluctant readers. Visit his author site at kevincoolidge.org

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