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The best Amazon Prime Day book deals


Did you know that Amazon started out as an online bookstore? It’s clearly proven to be a success, and the slew of products available for purchase on the platform has grown to cover everything from tech to groceries, but that doesn’t mean the company has forgotten. its roots, as these amazing Prime Day book deals show. .

There are big savings on iconic novels and New York Times bestsellers, so no matter what genre you’re reading, you can save a few pennies. It’s also worth checking out what other deals you can find during the Amazon Prime Day sale if you’re looking for bargains, as there are plenty of deals going on over the next 48 hours.

You can check out the full selection for yourself or read some of our top picks of US and UK fiction and non-fiction titles.

Prime Day book deals at Amazon.com

Prime Day book deals at Amazon.co.uk

Don’t forget that as an Amazon Prime member you’ll also have access to a library of free ebooks that are perfect for reading on an Amazon Kindle – whether that’s the one you already own or the one you have. picked up through a Prime Day Kindle deal.

Today’s best Prime Day book deals

The best book deals in the United States

More Amazon Prime Day deals in the US

The best book deals in the UK

More Amazon Prime Day deals in the UK

Do you need Amazon Prime for Prime Day book deals?

Yes, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member if you want the best book prices this Prime Day. While there are usually tons of general sales open to all customers during Prime Day, Amazon always reserves its best deals exclusively for Prime members. Luckily, the retailer offers a year-round free trial, which you can use to access every Prime Day deal for free.