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The author reveals incredible information about the universe


A Wish Granted: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution, by Joy Elaine

“Bring your eyes up to the night sky and watch the beautiful boundaries between universes blur. Watch the stars, moons, and worlds of each universe accelerate toward their moments of completion. “-“

– Extract from book 3 of the chronicles of joy

LONDON, UK, March 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Open your mind and heart to the endless possibilities that exist for each of us as we step beyond the scope of what we have been taught to believe on Earth and which lies beyond the stars. Author Joy Elaine has released A Wish Granted, her third book in The Joy Chronicles series. The third book continues to delight the senses and open the heart.

With each turn of the page, we fall even more in love with the characters. You are mesmerized by the very first fairy wedding and the happy antics of the Swizzlers. You have the opportunity to embrace new levels of personal expansion when you imbibe the timeless wisdom and teachings of Buddha Siddhartha. As you ride the waves of this narrative, galactic warfare, assassination, and other intrigues set the stage for challenges that change the scope of your understanding of the universe.

“I have enjoyed reading all three Joy Chronicles so much! They are lively and entertaining yet offer an enormous amount of helpful information about the earth, our universe and beyond, and the countless magnificent beings dedicated to serving us. as we evolve from life as we know it into the higher dimensions.! Hooray!” – Amazon customer review.

“Joy Elaine never disappoints with the way she creates an engaging, moving and intriguing journey. As Book III of the Joy Chronicles series unfolds, we walk with her to discover incredible insights into our land, the past, our connections to her and the future. The characters jump off the page as they are portrayed in beautiful detail, and the book is saturated with female empowerment, love, and growth. For readers looking for a timeless adventure, you won’t regret reading this.” – Amazon Customer Review.

Joy Elaine has a master’s degree in music and is a professional violinist living in Bloomington, Indiana. She grows orchids as a hobby, enjoys walking in the woods and playing and listening to classical music. The adventures of The Joy Chronicles are a daily experience for Joy, as she lives and breathes her sacred service in these times of transition. Her passion and dedication pave the way for each reader to seize the waves of change that the councils sponsor and gracefully accompany them with Gaia toward a new tomorrow that is bigger and better than any dreamer can imagine. www.joyelaine.com

The Joy Chronicles Volume 3: A Wish Granted: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global
Written by: Joy Elaine
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