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Seaport deserves our support


September 02, 2022 11:11 a.m.

Despite Stu Reininger’s good faith and personal disappointments in reconnecting with Mystic Seaport Museum, it’s hard to understand or appreciate The Day’s choice to amp up his ax work on a distinguished and iconic institution among us.

My family members, as longtime residents of Groton and Mystic, have been members of the museum for decades. My mother, now deceased, was a volunteer member for many years, as was my sister in the former art museum, whose magnificent centerpiece sculpture continues to adorn, prominently, the entrance courtyard of the museum. As a member of the museum and a neighbor, I have visited the port many times over the past year after returning to the area, my hometown. Although the upstairs bookstore has long since been moved downstairs and scaled down, the book selection seems to remain quite exceptional, albeit more limited in scope.

It seemed to me and other family members that the new president of the museum has done a wonderful job in many great ways not only to get the port out of its annual million dollar deficit , but to make the place upgraded and embellished quite obviously even for a casual stroll.

Of course, progress is needed, but the evidence of diligent and dynamic renewal and wise investment seems to be everywhere. The Sabino will be back in service once the necessary renovation is complete. (Old ships are in need of refurbishment, and the seaport is known far and wide for its expert work.) Check out the new piers at the other end and the many delightful upgrades along the way.

People come from near and far to visit this beloved and one of a kind place in our region. He deserves our support and admiration!

Doug Roseau