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San Antonio’s most popular and best-selling books from July 2022


There is nothing better than a good book. They are a chance to escape, an entry into another world or a trip to the past. The San Antonians are like any other readers. Sometimes they read for fun, other times they want to see themselves in the stories. Either way, they’re still reading.

After speaking with the San Antonio Public Library and several booksellers in the city, MySA compiled a list of the best books San Antonians read in the month of July. Take a look at the highlights:

Colleen Hoover has been a top San Antonio author since July 2022.

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Colleen Hoover

As one Barnes & Noble bookseller told me, Colleen Hoover continues to dominate the bookstore market due to her BookTok popularity. His novel It ends with us was the best-selling book at three of San Antonio’s five Barnes & Noble chains. La Cantera stores and Northwoods Shopping Center all ranked Hoover books among their top three bestsellers.

Here are the Hoover books being read in San Antonio right now.

It ends with yous follows flower shop owner Lily Bloom as she strikes up a relationship with surgeon Ryle Kincaid, only to have Lily’s first love, Atlas Corrigan, return to her life. Lily is “forced to make a difficult decision between her two loves and what’s best for her life”.

ugly love tells the story of Tate Collins and airline pilot Miles Archer. Miles “don’t want love” and Tate “don’t have time for love,” so they’re perfect for each other “as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules that Miles has for her”.

November 9 follows Fallon and Ben, who meet every year on the same day, “until the day Fallon is at a loss whether Ben told her the truth or fabricated a perfect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot.”

Truth follows struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh, who is hired by Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, to “complete the remaining books in a bestselling series” that Verity is unable to complete due to a wound.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Published in July, tomorrow aand tomorrow and tomorrow is the tenth novel by New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Levin. It was the best-selling book at San Pedro Barnes & Noble in July.

The story follows the relationship between childhood friends Sam Masur and Sadie Green over 30 years in a story “that examines the multifaceted nature of identity, disability, failure, the redemptive possibilities at play, and above all , of our need to connect: to be loved. and to love.”

The novel is being developed into a feature film by Temple Hill and Paramount Studios, according to Levin’s author biography.

book lovers

book lovers was the second most borrowed book in the San Antonio Public Library and one of San Pedro Barnes & Noble’s top three bestsellers.

Published in May by New York Times bestselling author Emily Henry book lovers follows bibliophiles Nora and Charlie as they cross paths over and over while vacationing in North Carolina.

The girl in her shadow

Audrey Blake The girl in her shadow was published in May 2021, but was the most borrowed book at the San Antonio Public Library last month.

The historical fiction tale follows Nora Beady in London in 1845. An orphan girl, she acts as her uncle’s secret assistant at a time when women were forbidden to study medicine. That is until Nora ‘makes a discovery that could change the field forever’ and she must decide whether to ‘stay unseen and let the men around her take credit for her work, or d ‘to step into the light – even if it means being destroyed by one’s own legacy.

New favorites

You talk like a white girl by Julissa Arce, The light we giveby Simran Jeet Singh, and The keeper of the notebook by Stephen Briseno were Nowhere Bookshop’s three best-selling books.

The silent patient by Alex Michaelides was La Cantera Barnes & Noble’s best-selling book that was not a Colleen Hoover novel.

The last thing he said to me by Laura Dave was the second most borrowed book at the San Antonio Public Library.

The bodyguard by Katherine Center was the #2 best-selling book at The Twig Book Shop.

“Miraflores: San Antonio’s Mexican Garden of Memory,” returned as one of The Twig Book Shop’s best-selling books.

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Returning Favorites

Where the Crawdads sing and The summer when I became pretty are a pair of returning bestsellers from last month. Both have seen a spike in popularity due to their respective film and miniseries adaptations released this summer. Where the Crawdads sing was the San Antonio Public Library’s most borrowed audiobook as of July.

Other returning favorites included training partners by John Grisham — the public library’s most borrowed printed book — 22 seconds by James Patterson, The Seven Husbands and Evelyn Hugoand Miraflores. The latter was the best-selling book at The Twig Book Shop.

To read full descriptions of these books, see our article on July’s most popular books.