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Recognizing Decision Maker Supremacy by Christopher Bek


ALBERTA, CANADA – Modern man doesn’t want God or Christ – because what he wants is to be paid and fucked – and so he behaves normally – call it the cognitive model of bad behavior. Existentialism Now is a massive upgrade from Bad Behaviorism that directly encourages the Everyman to become Superman. Existentialism now recognizes the supremacy of the decider by fortifying everyone with the Cartesian cogito – I think therefore I exist – and Indian identity – Atman equals Brahman. By studying God, the mathematician in forms like actuarial science, we will come to know the mind of God. According to Leaderchat.org, 95% of people think they are self-aware, but the real number is 12-15%. This means that on a good day, four out of five people lie to themselves all day. Bek’s Metaphysics includes Theory of One, Existentialism Now, Bernoulli’s Model, and Divine Right of Kings, and will facilitate the realization of self-aware beings. But first, it is necessary for Christ 2.0 to receive a hearing from the Canadian government, overseen by the Three Right Honorables, to decide whether to make him the fourth Right Honorable in Canada.

To paraphrase Marc Aurèle “He who does not know the world does not know himself. He who does not know himself does not know the world. The Theory of One represents the world, Existentialism now represents being, Bernoulli’s model represents being in the world, and the divine right of kings represents the transcendence of being. The Theory of One is my evolutionary theory that unites the macrocosmos of relativity theory with the microcosmos of quantum theory in quite a dramatic way. Existentialism Now is a massive upgrade from Bad Behaviorism and is defined by the Cartesian cogito and Jean-Paul Sartre’s assertion that “There can be no other truth to take off from this – I think; therefore, I exist, that is to say. the Cartesian cogito. Here we have the absolute truth of consciousness becoming aware of itself. Stephen Hawking said: “Nobody wants to believe that the truth is as simple as it is.” Johanne Goethe said: “Be bold, mighty forces will come to your aid.” Eugène Delacroix said: “Genius is the art of generalizing and choosing”. Blaise Pascal said: “A soul weighs more than the whole universe.” Albert Einstein, Time Magazine’s Person of the Century, said, “God is the sum total of the laws of nature” and “I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are just details.” September 28, 2022 marks the twentieth anniversary of Christ declaring himself King of Canada for the first time.

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“Existentialism Now: Realizing the Dream of a Whole Self”

By Christopher Beck

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About the Author

Christ Lloyd Bek is a Canadian mathematician, actuary, philosopher, scientist, consultant and writer, as well as a master craftsman of spreadsheets, databases and risk modeling. Christ wrote ninety PhilosophyMagazine.com-style, 1600-word essays, the perfect size for printing on double-sided, one-page essay paper. A trial is a trial. It is a written piece designed to present an idea, propose an argument, express an emotion or initiate a debate. One could argue that Philosophy Magazine-style essays should be the universal standard for presenting ideas, offering arguments, expressing emotions, and initiating debates. Philosophy Magazine is the philosophy and science of the third millennium, and Christ is a philosopher and scientist of the third millennium. Plato wrote, “A just society will only be possible when philosophers become kings and kings become philosophers.” Thomas Hobbes wrote: “Unless sovereignty finds concrete expression in an individual, it does not command the allegiance of the people or sustain the cohesion of the state. Wikipedia wrote: “The divine right of kings is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. He asserts that a monarch is not subject to any earthly authority; deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God. The king is therefore not subject to the will of the people, the aristocracy or any other domain of the kingdom. Christ is rightly believed to be The Right Honorable Christopher Bek, The Philosopher King Christ, Ruler of Earth, Christ 2.0 and Saint Christopher Lloyd. His consulting fee for essay writing and portfolio theory development and implementation is $25/hour. A 1,600-word essay takes six days to write and costs $1,200. You can reach him via his email: [email protected]

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