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Nidhi Gogia promotes female empowerment with the release of “Power Of Nisa”


New book shares 16 short stories of strong women from various segments of Indian society who have chosen to speak out and stand up for themselves differently

READING, England, November 11, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Nidhi Gogia has been the victim of acute body shame and is keen to spread awareness about women’s rights, gender equality and other genderless social issues. Her goal is to raise awareness and be a voice for the women’s community. It is for this reason that she wrote “Power Of Nisa” (published by AuthorHouse UK), a canvas of 16 characters covered in 16 different short stories based on the lives of women in modern times. Indiasome heard and unheard.

Rumaisa, a teenager who cried on the ghats of Kolkata, did not know Vidhya’s struggles as she fought for hers. Yet Rukhsar’s father broke the stereotype, and why was Suman criticized? Little Zoya was unaware of the destination. It took eight years for Sargam to emerge from the web, which was woven by someone else, and Niharika’s long journey has not been easy. It still hurts her heart, but Kanak ruled out the chances, while Anokhi faced the rocks. Lawyer Rohima could have ended her life, but she chose this.

Various stigmas in Indian society are still obstacles for women in the 21st century, where a widow is asked to eat curd and rice. Yet these 16 strong women from different segments of Indian society have chosen to speak and stand up for themselves differently. With poems, sketches and illustrations, readers will encounter and feel the presence of each character. These women know the articulation of manipulating life dispersed like water in a mold. Stories that will make them rethink the perception of life and their existence as humans.

“Each of these stories comes with a moral, so there’s something constructive to take away from each story, in terms of what we can do as individuals to overcome the prevailing issues. And even if we don’t are not the victim, how can we support individual victims around us?” says Gogia. When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she replies: “The positivity and the strength to denounce the injustice and to walk away from anything that limits your true potential Understand that any relationship is not sustainable if it only calls for a partner/family to compromise their dreams and desires (no adjustments are there from the other partner) and when there is no love and respect in any relationship.” For more details of the book, please visit https://www.authorhouse.com/en-gb/bookstore/bookdetails/845655-power-of-nisa

“The Power of Nissa”
By Nidhi Gogia
Soft cover | 8.5 x 11 inches | 142 pages | ISBN 9781728374987
E-book | 142 pages | ISBN 9781728374970
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Nidhi Gogia is a single mother, a strong and independent self-made woman, employed as a lecturer at a British university. Connect with her on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nidhi-gogia-aajkinaari and subscribe to her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTqX96McG3c7hbj2axf4Hsw

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