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Network 10 announces online placement and happy hour for 10 Play


At Network 10 2022 Upfront, 10 ViacomCBS announced that two new premium and exclusive advertising products – Dynamic e-Trading Placement and Happy Hour – are expected to improve 10 Play’s roadmap for 2022.

In this new advertising format, Dynamic e-Trade Placements offers a real-time solution to retail clients to present their inventory and products.

Advertisers can use dynamically changing prices, images or offers, which is perfect for multi-product retail executions or designs that evolve as things change.

By putting viewers first, while ensuring brand exclusivity, 10 Play’s Happy Hour will highlight a brand while pairing its message with an ad-free viewing hour paired with a 60-second branded ad and to an adjacent tag.

Liz baldwin, Senior Vice President, Head of Streaming, ViacomCBS Australia & New Zealand, said, “10 Play continues to grow stronger, and this year has been our biggest year to date.

“We are focused on growth, through expanding and upgrading the 10 Play platform, and bringing new creative opportunities to the market that will extend the success of our highly sought after suite of top advertising products. range. “

Sophie hicks lloyd, Director of Digital Sales, 10 ViacomCBS, said, “I am really excited about the digital and data opportunities for 10 ViacomCBS in 2022.

“We are uniquely positioned to propel 10 Play and our customers’ brands forward with our privacy-conscious people-based data offering and our innovative and top-of-the-line Connected Television (CTV) applications. range.

“I have said it before: our difference is that we have specially designed our digital capacity with partners who offer us the best growth opportunities; We take advantage of opportunities and adapt to changing advertising technology and the data world around us.

“Our additional smart TV formats build on our current innovations in Premium Pause and Content Carousel, giving customers new ways to sell their products and change their messaging in real time. And we look forward to continuing this momentum in the months to come.

Dynamic e-Trading Placement and Happy Hour will be available on 10 Play in 2022.