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Mina Rashid wins two prestigious awards at the 2022 World Travel Awards


With ever-increasing capacity and constant innovation, Mina Rashid has become a preferred destination for cruise passengers around the world. At the same time, he transformed Dubai from a dhow-based trade facilitator into a global community hub for the maritime sector.

Mina Rashid’s outstanding performance and excellence has been recognized for the 15th consecutive year at the 2022 World Travel Awards. is held on October 23 in Jordan and the world’s first cruise port on November 11 at the Grand Final Gala Ceremony in Oman.

Hamza Mustafa, COO of P&O Marinas, a DP World company said: “Mina Rashid’s robust port infrastructure and state-of-the-art terminals have cemented Dubai’s status as a global tourism hub and key gateway for regional and international cruise itineraries. With these awards, we have once again proven our mettle as the key pillar of Dubai’s tourism sector. But we won’t stop there. We will always look for ways to improve our services, find new strategies to fuel the growth of our stakeholders and to encourage cruise passengers to enjoy our city from the sea.”

The genesis
Mina Rashid was born from the vision of the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who was determined to transform Dubai into a major commercial center and hub of global commerce. Today, this ambitious development, formerly known as Port Rashid, is one of Dubai’s main economic pillars and the epitome of Sheikh Rashid’s aspirations.

Since its opening in 1972, the port has played a central role in the development of Dubai as a top international destination for business and travellers. It has enabled the diversification of Dubai’s economy and reduced the city’s dependence on oil revenues by transforming it into a thriving commercial, logistics and tourist hub of the region.

Navigating Dubai’s Success
As Dubai continued its evolution as a major regional tourism hub, Mina Rashid underwent a unique transformation. In 2008, the port was transformed into a state-of-the-art cruise ship terminal. Its state-of-the-art facilities, massive passenger handling capacity and strategic location have played a key role in consolidating its position. At its current capacity, the port can accommodate seven large cruise ships and approximately five million annual visitors. Its marina can accommodate more than 400 yachts. Rapid expansion is underway to prepare for the future, cementing the terminal’s position as the world’s most important hub for luxury cruise tourism.

Currently, with cruise tourism in Dubai expected to make a comeback this winter and more than 900,000 passengers expected to disembark during the peak season, Mina Rashid cruise terminals are expecting 123 calls from some of the largest cruise operators. This season will officially begin with the arrival of TUI Cruise Line’s Mein Schiff 6 at Hamdan bin Mohammed cruise terminal.

“This represents a 100% increase over last season. Additionally, passenger and crew entries are expected to reach approximately 600,000, more than double the previous season,” explained mustafa.

In addition to boosting tourism, Mina Rashid has demonstrated its excellence as a gateway for general shipping of non-containerized cargo, especially bulk carriers and ro-ro vessels. The port currently has 15 quays for handling general cargo and one quay for rolled cargo. Additionally, the port’s proximity to the city’s used car markets and the support it enjoys from the Roads and Transport Authority make it easy to process exports in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Towards a better future
Acting as a link between Dubai’s rich coastal heritage and its future, through her skills, Mina Rashid has become a catalyst for the region’s cruise tourism and a powerful economic catalyst for the city. The port will continue to play an important role in boosting Dubai’s tourism in the years to come with new developments. With upgrades such as high-end properties, retail stores, a berth for over 3,000 yachts and boats, the ability to handle the largest luxury cruises and a marine center for discerning luxury travelers , the port will soon become one of the largest marinas. in the Middle-East.

It will also become a vital center for yachting, water sports, the sea as well as social activities. Its yacht club will bring together the yachting community and host prestigious international maritime events of global importance. The club will also attract high net worth individuals to Dubai and cement its position as a world-class luxury yachting destination.