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Local Author Releases New Book | New


Carolyn Collett

Local author Carolyn Collett recently published her new book “Survived by Faith and Grace Vol. 1”, an account detailing the life of a woman who overcame a dreadful past for a prosperous future.

According to a description in the book: “Born in Hazard, Kentucky, on a stormy late October night to a poor family headed by a hollow, having the tenth child of her parents was not easy for her. she. Drawing on her quite remarkable gift for storytelling and her own intimate memories of her childhood in Survived by Faith and Grace, she wrote a spooky and heartwarming novel about pain, misery and bullying from five years and throughout it. school years. It also includes romantic romance and the fulfillment of the love of a lifetime from the age of 16.

“This book was written to inspire others and to help those who had traumatic childhoods realize that keeping the faith and not giving up on staying true to themselves will help them become the strong and successful person for whom they were created to become in life. I am proof that it can and will happen, “she said.

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, SC, Collett’s new book showcases God’s unseen actions in transforming his life for the better. In small acts of grace, one can gradually see a healthy transformation coming from the above Almighty, she said.

Readers can purchase “Survived by Faith and Grace Vol. 1 “in bookstores around the world, or online at Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Retailers can order” Survived by Faith and Grace Vol. 1 “at wholesale discounts via Ingram Content Network, available at the address https://www.ingramcontent.com/retailers/ordering.

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