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Kellogg’s Partners with Nickelodeon for New Apple Jacks Slime Cereal


The 90s were an iconic decade with a lot of iconic, well, everything. But for some ’90s kids, there are few things more iconic and nostalgic than Nickelodeon’s green slime. A staple of the Double Dare game show, this green slime has become deeply associated with Nickelodeon and now the network has teamed up with Kellogg’s to bring slime to breakfast with the release of new Apple Jack’s Slime cereal.

Arriving in stores nationwide this month, Apple Jack’s Slime cereal features toasty orange and green curls with hints of green apple flavor as one would expect from Apple Jacks, but the cereal pieces also contain green spots and that’s where the adventure begins. Once the milk is added, these specks turn your cereal milk the bright green of Nickelodeon Slime – just be sure to enjoy it in the bowl rather than making a mess.

“Both known for their bright orange and green colors, Kellogg’s Apple Jacks and Nickelodeon Slime are a perfect match,” said Sadie Garcia, brand marketing manager at Kellogg All Family Cereal. “Now families can experience all the fun of Slime at the breakfast table with a delicious new cereal that changes the color of milk while you eat.”

“Kids and adults alike will recognize the fun and spontaneity of Nickelodeon Slime in many of their favorite Nick shows,” said Priya Mukhedkar, senior vice president, Toys and Packaged Goods, Paramount Consumer Products. “We’re thrilled to bring our iconic Green Slime to fans in a whole new way with Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Slime.”

As noted above, Apple Jacks Slime is rolling out to retailers nationwide this month and has a suggested retail price of $4.49 for an 8.2-ounce box. As for Nickelodeon’s iconic slime, first introduced in 1979 on You Can’t Do That on Television, the vibrating substance gained popularity on Double Dare and remains a popular aspect of all things Nickelodeon to this day. It’s even become a staple of the Kids Choice Awards with celebrities slimmed down as part of the celebration — even during the 2020 Kids Choice Awards with winners emaciated at home due to the pandemic.

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