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Independent Bookstore in Miami: Independent Bookstores You Need to Know


When it comes to literary delights, there’s nothing more exciting than taking some personal time to hit up a bookstore to browse the shelves in search of the perfect book, then come home ready to snuggle up. under the covers with him until, maybe, daylight comes.

And, while visiting the most well-known bookstores can be fun, there really is something to be said for the cultural environment and excitement of visiting a local, beloved bookstore in your town. They allow readers to discover new authors or meet unknown writers through events where you can mingle with them.

At Books and Books in Coral Gables the New York Times best-selling author Victoria Aveyard of kingdom breaker series presented its sequel, Blade breakerand she had a lot to say about readers and their discovering her through events at independent bookstores, in addition to social media. “I owe so much to my fans, their subscribers and how much they support my novels,” Aveyard said, this summer when she presented at the store. “And the fact that there are independent stores like this supporting us and bringing us closer to readers means so, so much to me.”

Then there’s the local YA fantasy author Lobizona, Romina Garber, who currently resides in Miami near her family. She is of Argentinian origin, her books have obtained a loyal following and she is grateful to the independent bookstores that support her reading and help her grow. “Independent bookstores offer their customers more than just a product,” Garber said. “They create a community. Their concern for their readers leads to an intimate level of attention.

That said, here are the best independent bookstores in South Florida that invite readers to explore, enjoy, and be part of their community.

Aurora Dominguez is a contributor to Thrillist.