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How to get started with the Honda-San Skull-face Librarian


Honda-San Librarian Skull is an original series that is a must-have for anyone who loves anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Both the manga and the anime offer a wealth of comedic moments, which are not only conveyed by fantastic writing, but also by its completely offbeat art style. Each episode offers viewers insight into the characters and experiences found when working in a bookstore, where chaos often ensues.

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The plot of Skull-face bookseller Honda-San

Honda-San Librarian Skull is a slice-of-life comedy series based on the real-life experiences of its author, Honda, who worked as a clerk in the manga section of a bookstore. The show depicts a variety of humorous scenarios, ranging from very impatient and odd customers to internships in corporate workshops.

Throughout the series, Honda-san informs the viewer of his work and the technical details that go with it. whether it’s how to stack shelves efficiently or manga artists who want to sign their latest release. Honda-San Librarian Skull is as educational as it is funny and manages to balance these two components expertly.

In each episode=, there are usually two particular situations that are covered, which aim to highlight a certain aspect of Honda-san’s retail experience. Although the series is episodic, with no overarching plot, each episode builds on the concept and characters of the series. The series is perfect for anyone with a keen interest in manga, Japanese culture, or just wanting to enjoy a lighthearted short series.

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Where to Read Bookseller Skull-face Honda-San Manga

Honda-San Librarian Skull was first serialized online via Pixiv Comic’s website between August 2015 and March 2019. It was later collected into four tankōbon volumes by Media Factory in Japan and later licensed in North America by Yen Press.

Each tankōbon is available for purchase on Amazon, as well as other retailers. The English version of Skull-Face Librarian Honda-san can be purchased from most online retailers including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. For those who prefer to read manga digitally, e-book editions can also be found through Amazon and ComiXology.

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Where to watch the Bookstore Skull-face Honda-San Anime

Honda-San Librarian Skull was adapted into a television series by DLE, which aired from October to December 2018. The series has twelve episodes, directed by Owl Todoroki with a running time of approximately fifteen minutes each. The show can be streamed on Crunchyroll, where all episodes are currently available.

For fans who want to get their hands on a physical copy of the series, two options are available for purchase. The DVD can be purchased from sites like Playtech Asia. A Blu-ray edition was recently released by Discotek Media in March 2022 and can be found on Otaku. The DVD and Blu-ray editions contain all twelve episodes and have a total running time of 180 minutes.

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