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How Instagram is helping a sci-fi fan sell books


When Adam Exler, the bookseller who created the Collectible Science Fiction Instagram account, first joined the service, his profile picture was a 1973 David Pelham cover for science fiction master Philip K. Dick is Palmer Eldritch’s Three Stigmata. It is a hauntingly evocative work with a surreal image of two eye-like orbs hovering above a grinning grin. It’s also a tribute to Philip K’s obsession with Dick, which led Adam to become a social media bookseller.

At first, Adam was just a collector, selling duplicates of his collection to pay for new additions. He started enjoying the details of selling books – how to rate books, how to find rare books, track down old editions just by the cover – and started a Facebook page. Then, in September 2016, his wife came up with a better social platform.

Why Instagram specifically?

Unlike its rivals Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is clearly designed for one purpose: to share images. A visual niche like vintage book covers can thrive with this service. The business world loves it too – 59% of Instagram users are in the coveted 18-29 age group, and a 2017 study found it to be “the media platform Fastest Growing Socials” among the Inc. 500.

Instagram also outperforms other common book selling sites, as another bookseller, Kevin of Rare Book Sleuth, explains: “If I sell on other sites like eBay and Amazon, they get a discount of about $8 respectively. and 14%. But with Instagram, I was able to get rid of the middleman.” It is also possible that he used “buy Instagram followers services” to gain more popularity.

Adam posts images of three or four books for sale every day, allowing his followers to let him know of their deals. He has posted over 2,800 images to over 5,800 subscribers.

Rules for Selling Books on Instagram

The bookstore adheres to one important rule: be honest. A bookseller’s audience needs to know the condition of the book, whether they’re hoping for a well-preserved edition or simply want a physical object and the tangible nostalgia it represents, wrinkles to hell with it.

Instagram ecosystem

Instagram’s lack of hyperlinks and overabundance of soothing sunsets has led many to consider it the most enjoyable social network. It certainly provides respite from the frenetic news cycle, and anyone who spends enough time on the platform will discover corners of Instagram dedicated to niches such as vintage sci-fi novels. If you also have texts, you can promote yourself in the buy Instagram followers feature to sell your examples.

Adam never thought other dealers would start buying from him, but they support Collectible Science Fiction as much as he buys from them.

Original editions with four figures.

Sci-fi and retrospectives are hot trends right now, as evidenced by TV hits like Stranger Things and Black Mirror, or blockbusters like Stephen King’s It and Bladerunner. This cultural look does not escape the attention of Adam’s genre-focused boutique.

However, not all of the benefits of a sci-fi bookstore on Instagram are financial: Adam was interviewed for a Vice China article on sci-fi coverage, and he was even recently approached by a production company television to do an American Pickers-style show. for science fiction and fantasy collectors.

But what is the best success story that Adam can share? Instagram linked him to “a whole world of collectors and artists”. Mid-century sci-fi publishers often failed to recognize their cover writers, but Instagram won’t be so disrespectful in 2018.

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