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Highlighted Hangouts in Hammond – The Lion’s Roar


Students often struggle to find a meeting place on or off campus to study and/or do schoolwork due to distance, transportation, noise level, money, time, or convenience.

There are a few places in Hammond that just might be “the place”. Luma Coffee, Isabella’s Pizzeria, and the area above the on-campus bookstore were rated by students as the best places for students.

Rebecca Mercante, a junior with a major in integrative biology, said Luma Coffee was her favorite.

Luma Coffee is a cafe in downtown Hammond, about a five-minute drive from campus. There is also a student printer available upstairs.

Mercante said, “I love studying or just going on cute coffee dates with my boyfriend. It’s the perfect place to prepare for a chemistry test or just enjoy a Sunday evening.

Luma Coffee has open houses to welcome students and customers. (Hydee Holsapple)

Besides being a quiet place to study, it is said to have an aesthetic feel.

Mercante said, “It’s my favorite hangout because it has my dream aesthetic. It’s so warm and I love how the people there are so kind.

She also shared that when she’s there to hang out with her friends, her all-time favorite place is on the sofa, but she prefers to sit on one of the chairs to the left of the door when she studied.

The chairs on the left are the ones Mercante will sit on if she is studying or doing schoolwork. The printer is on the second floor just after the stairs. (Hydee Holsapple)

If homework is done and a break is needed, head to another student’s favorite spot: Isabella’s Pizzeria. This restaurant is about an eight-minute drive from campus.

Joseph Overstreet, a second-year computer science student, said he enjoys going to Isabella’s to eat with friends and play games at the game room, Safari Quest Family Fun Center, next door. He recommends this place because it has good food and it’s nice to play games with friends afterwards.

The main entrance to Pizzeria Isabella welcomes customers. This is Joseph Overstreet’s favorite meeting place. (Hydee Holsapple)

If there is no transport, no money and no time, go to the area above the bookstore. It has two sides, one near OSE and the other above Pizza Hut.

The room above the honors is cleared waiting for the students to arrive. This area is Magri’s favorite meeting place on campus. (Hydee Holsapple)

This is Miss Southeastern Megan Magri’s favorite place. She said it is in the central part of the campus which gives easy access to food, the library for printing, the friendship circle and all the buildings are about equal distance.

“I really like it here because there are a few tables, the chairs are comfortable and I can’t study in a quiet place, but the union is too loud. There is enough traffic not to distract me, but stay within the zoning,” Magri said.

She also mentioned that she likes the direct view of OSE – where she works – and the breezeway.

Whether it’s a study break, downtime or a fun time, consider heading to some of Hammond’s best hangouts: Isabella’s Pizzeria, above the bookstore or Luma Coffee.