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High school students with part-time jobs save their yen


Data from Japan

Economy Labor Society

A survey of high school students in Japan found that the most common use of money from a part-time job was to save it.

A survey of high school students across Japan conducted by Line Research found that 10% are currently working part-time jobs, while 8% have done so in the past, less than 20% overall. The frequent declaration of COVID-19 states of emergency from 2020 to 2021 appears to have reduced opportunities for students to find part-time jobs.

When asked how they had spent the income from a first part-time job, 30.5% of girls and 28.6% of boys who had worked said that they had saved it, showing a preference common way of putting money aside rather than using it for entertainment or shopping.

The most positive aspect of part-time work, according to survey respondents, was “understanding the importance of work”, cited by 46.6% of them, followed by 41.8% who said ” understand the importance of money” and the 36.0% who indicated “being able to save money”.

As for the part-time job they would like to do in the future, 48.2% of the women surveyed said they would like to work in a café, while more than 35% mentioned either a bookstore, a bakery or a confectionery. Among male respondents, the top answer, at 28.0%, was a bookstore, followed by work as a tutor for a family or an elementary school, and a job at a convenience store.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner image © Pixta.)

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