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Forced to buy textbooks in some stores, Ambala’s parents say : The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Ambala, April 2

As the new academic session began, complaints about rising fees, withholding of results, and the use of expensive books by private publishers began to come in against private schools.

Parents say they are forced to buy books from particular stores.

Ravi Kumar, a parent, said, “Schools prescribe books from private publishers which are not readily available in the market and are only available in certain stores which cooperate with schools and also give heavy commission to schools.

The culprits will be punished

If schools force parents to buy books from private publishers and also force them to buy them from a particular store, action will be taken. —Suresh Kumar, DEO, Ambala

Another parent alleged, “A 61-page Mathematics first level book has an MRP of Rs 365 and no discount is offered at the shop set up by the school. Although school authorities claim that they have nothing to do with prices and have outsourced the task of selling books to vendors, the fact is that in some cases school staff have been delegate in temporary stores to sell books.

Ajay Gupta, President of Parents Welfare Association, Ambala, said: “Schools have increased fees every year unjustifiably. There are complaints about the results withheld by schools. The government failed to control the schools and they manipulated the data to increase the fees. There should be a mechanism to check whether the fees charged are justified or not.

Prashant Munjal, vice president of the Haryana Progressive Schools Conference, said, “People have misconceptions about the fees being increased. Previously, parents paid the annual fee separately, but this year the monthly fee, annual fee and all other funds have been merged. Also, the schools did not increase fees by more than 10.13%. If a school has increased it by more than 10.13%, then it is wrong.

“It is unrealistic to only recommend NCERT books. Content quality is the main reason why private schools use books from private publishers. The content provided is the only reason behind the higher prices. The government can formulate any policy and set book prices. We will have no objection to that.

Meanwhile, DEO Suresh Kumar said, “There have been complaints against two schools over the results. We spoke to management and they assured that the results would not be held. »