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A book nook or reading chair is the perfect place to snuggle up and gather your favorite reading material for a moment of comfort, entertainment and learning. What can make it even better is knowing that the pounds you’ve racked up have been acquired from real people who also celebrate the books. Fortunately, Librairie.org it makes it easier than ever to buy books from independent bookstores.

Despite the huge influence of huge online sellers and retail chains, there is evidence that local institutions are here to stay. Books can offer new inspiration and perspectives, which is why many independent bookstores have adapted to the 21st century. At My Modern Met, we’re also happy to partner with Bookshop, which allows you to shop at hundreds of local bookstores, all under one roof.

Bookshop’s mission is to “financially support local and independent bookstores” because they believe they are an integral part of communities. My Modern Met is excited to be a part of this program as they distribute a portion of their sales to these individual entities.

Are you looking for the best books to read in art? Check out our page on Bookshop to find a book that will nurture your inner creativity. Here are a few books featured in our handpicked collections:

A great important artist: a Womanual by Danielle Krysa

A great important artist: a Womanual

Danielle Krysa develops her book A large, important art book (now with women) with his latest book, A great important artist: a Womanual. Here, she features biographies of female artists as well as creative projects to inspire and create.

In the Art collection.

Keep It Up: 10 Ways To Stay Creative In The Good Times And The Bad Times by Austin Kleon

Continue through Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon showed readers how to unleash their creativity and how to market their work in his New York timebestsellers Fly like an artist and Show your work! Now, Kleon is sharing 10 simple rules to follow to stay creative, focused, and authentic in Keep It Up: 10 Ways To Stay Creative In The Good Times And The Bad Times.

In the Art collection.

Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Mirrors by Mika Yoshitake

Infinity Mirrors by Yayoi Kusama

If you like to examine and admire the works of Yayoi Kusama Infinite Mirrors as much as us, you will want to consult this book, well titled Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Mirrors. This book explains how his installations have influenced contemporary art over the past 50 years.

In the Art collection.

Don’t forget to check My Modern Met in bookstores the next time you’re looking for epic books.

Our curated list will benefit independent bookstores and build a community with these amazing local stores. Our Bookstore collection is organized by categories. Each section is assigned to different topics of art, design, and photography, but we also focus on more specialized topics like natural art supplies, learn macrame as well as educational books to learn how to draw. And have you listened to the My Modern Met Top Artist podcast? You will also find a collection of books from our former clients.

Our editorial team regularly adds publications to our Bookstore collection. Be sure to check out our store and bookmark it so you can see what we continue to add to our list of books.

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