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Donald Trump explores the presidential election again to avoid prison


Former president donald trump could announce a snap presidential election to pre-empt attempts to prosecute him, according to multiple reports.

What happened: Trump has told his advisers that declaring his candidacy for the White House would bolster his argument that the criminal investigations against him in New York and Georgia are politically motivated, The Guardian reported.

The former president told Newsmax last week that the Jan. 6 committee hearings examining the riots that took place on Capitol Hill before the president that of Joe Biden nomination were to prevent him from “running again”.

“I’m leading in all the polls,” he said. “I’m leading in the Republican polls in numbers no one’s ever seen before, and against Biden and everyone they lead. I’m leading against them.”

The New York Post reported that the political consultant and author of “The Return: Trump’s 2024 Comeback” — Dick Morris – said he’s spoken with Trump dozens of times since leaving office and has “never, for a moment, taken his eyes off the ball – back to the White House!”

Why is this important: Speculation that Trump could run again is rising when more witnesses are expected to testify against the former president at the select committee hearing.

The January 6 Committee Vice President Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said recently that criminal referrals to the Justice Department could follow.

The Guardian noted that while presidential candidates typically wait until midterm in November to announce their candidacy, the presidential cycle has stretched longer and now begins two years before the general election.

A statement made earlier could upend the plans of the two main political parties, according to the Guardian.

If Trump runs for a second term, it could ‘complicate’ attempts to indict him criminally and bolster his support within the Republican Party – which began to erode after the Jan. 6 panel hearings, the report said. .

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