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Do you like books and social networks? This job in the Maldives has it all


A Maldives resort is looking for someone to run their bookstore – and you get free villa accommodation.

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When we first heard about this work, it sounded too good to be true.

But now that there’s another position opening two years later, we can confirm it was legit and having your resume speed dialed is always beneficial.

The pop-up bookstore at the Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives has shared a job posting for a barefoot bookseller.

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If you enjoy reading and using social media, this could have been your dream job.

“According to TimeOut, the job pays $750 a month, but the bookseller will live for free in a villa that typically costs $36,500 a night.” The salary is equivalent to R12,155 per month and the villa must be luxurious given that holidaymakers pay over half a million rand per night.

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“To be considered, the job application states ‘Excellent written and spoken English skills’ are required. Those interested should have previous experience in book sales or publishing, enjoy reading and know a lot about classical and modern literature.” (Business Insider)

And just when we’re getting excited, we see that Barefoot Booksellers have posted the following to their page.

The original due date for applications was supposed to be August 13, 2022, but due to the overwhelming response, they closed applications early.

In the end, it was too good to be true…

But don’t be discouraged, this employment contract is only for one year, so you can always get it next time.