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Desires accumulate in the poet’s bookstore: Le DONG-A ILBO


It has been five years since the author, a poet, opened a bookstore specializing in poetry collections opposite Sinchon Station in Seodaemun District, Seoul, in 2016. It was moved in 2018 to the top floor of famous old bookstore in Dongyang Seorim town in Jongno district. The place is full of not only poetry books but also stories shared by people the owner meets at the bookstore.

You experience a sense of excitement and hope that fills up every day with every page of books. A melody echoes through the bookstore without any fuss. The simple fact of going through every corner of this beautiful space allows the author to feel satisfied. Visitors are always welcome here.

These little pieces of thought are compiled into 40 proses. A wind chime, a gift the author received, hangs from an air conditioner with a tinkle being part of the space. A cup of coffee shares a daily dose of sweetness with those who stay for a while at the bookstore. The author describes lights, sounds of music and a spiral staircase to the bookstore with the feelings and emotions that the bookstore arouses in his daily life as if he were chatting with his close friends.

“People still love the spiral staircase. As you climb it, I watch your head crown, face, chest, and waist rise in order. Once you have all appeared in front of me to complete yourself as an avid poetry reader, I am incredibly captivated by such a wonderful spectacle. I feel the same as I watch you disappear in reverse order, ”says the author.

The author relates that he receives more than the money visitors pay for a book of poetry. Even in an age when a few clicks is all it takes to deliver books to your home and workplace, we miss someone else’s warmth – an interactive moment through books.

This is why the owner of the book says that it is not the books but the visitors’ requests that fill the space. One rainy day, a customer with puffy eyes from crying asks him what will help him. The owner’s recommendation is the poetry of Kim Yong-taek. He says with witty frankness that the most researched question is, “Where can I find your book?” “

Dusting the books with a soft touch, he begins to read the stories people leave in the bookstore after only books have filled the void in a time of silence.

Seong-Taek Jeong [email protected]