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Delta author publishes new book


“It was great to be alive. I was 19 and I was on the radio in a small town…” Following your dream gives you the freedom to try something else in your life.

Aspiring to be a radio DJ at age 12; At 19, Delta’s Larry Amstutz achieved his dream to leave broadcasting relatively soon after.

The heartbreaking decision to quit his dream career sets him on a 40-year path to “finding his rhythm” and contentment.

find my groove published by Friesen Press, takes you on a journey across Canada and through time. People yearn to achieve their dreams and yet don’t give themselves permission to do so. Through a conversational style, the author demonstrates that it’s okay to pursue that dream, even if in doing so it becomes apparent at some point that there is something else that is truly your goal. Permission to try and fail, to live and learn, to love, to be heartbroken and to love again is shared through personal stories.

“When I was 12 and dreamed of being a radio host, I had this mental image of myself wearing a white shirt and tie, sitting in front of a microphone, wearing headphones in a radio studio in a high-rise skyscraper…” decades later, I “…found myself working in my office in a skyscraper in Vancouver…white shirt and tie included…” (although now working in the financial sector) “…as I swiveled in my chair and looked over the city lights, it hit me that I was experiencing the scene I had imagined when I was young,” he said. he said. “It was a profound moment for me and I was moved; brought back to my younger self in the logging camp so far away.

Amstutz grew up in a lumber camp on Vancouver Island and in small island towns; worked in forestry, mining and other resource sector jobs; and studied and worked in broadcasting, his childhood dream career.

He left those dreams behind to move to Toronto and move up the ranks in department store merchandising, human resources and training; entered the financial sector in British Columbia; and found its’ vibe in the nonprofit sector. Now married and retired, he lives in Delta with his wife Trisha, their terrier Gus, and a collection of acoustic guitars and his treasured ’60s Fender Telecaster.

find my groove is available to order from most major online book retailers, including the Friesen Press bookstore and Amazon. The eBook is available for Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and GooglePlay.