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CT’s Best Used Bookstores in 2022


Pours & Passages

103 Main Street, Danielson

As the towns progress, Danielson could be described as small. Which is why spotting Passages & Pourings on the corner of Main Street is a surprise. It’s not small, whatever. Follow its story and it’s obvious – this used bookstore had no intention of staying small, even from the start.

A wandering patron in Pourings & Passages spots owner Jim Weigel and launches into what can only be described as fangirl mode. “My dad used to call me every time the annual book sale was on,” she exclaims. She refers to the beginnings of Pourings & Passages in 1986, when it was part of an annual fundraiser for St. James’s School. The book collection, which drew crowds, eventually overtook St. James.

A nonprofit bookstore was established, and the tomes moved to a store above an insurance company in 2015. “I was a school librarian for 37 years,” Weigel says. “I always wanted to own a bookstore.” The 1,000 square foot space played into his vision. “A bookstore should have coffee,” he says. “There was a kitchen area, so we brought a table and chairs and had a little coffee.”

Five years later, this building was sold and another opportunity arose. The Trinket Shop, for 50 years Danielson’s go-to spot for evening dresses and tuxedos, was available for rent. Just as goldfish grow to accommodate their jars, the books, over 20,000, are well-distributed among Pourings & Passages’ five new rooms and 8,000 square feet. “It keeps raving,” Weigel says of the space they took over in April 2021. And as for St. James’s School, it’s holding a perpetual fundraiser in the store.

Pourings & Passages’ all-volunteer staff sell over 1,000 books a week. DVDs, games, CDs and trinkets are also available. New batches of books, whose condition has been rigorously checked by Weigel, find their residence on the store shelves. Ongoing events keep things lively, including book signings with local authors (Becky Adams and Josh Tate were recent guests), poetry readings, and a children’s story hour.

Visitors come from as far away as Boston, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Waiting to welcome them: Weigel and a cup of coffee. —Bekah Wright

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