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Book coffee trend catches up in tricity: The Tribune India


What does it take for a business to survive decade after decade? The answer is to improvise with the changing times, a concept well understood by Bahrison booksellers as they make book cafes fashionable in Tricity.

In the bookstore business since 1952, Anuj Bahri, son of Balaraj Bahri (founder) continues the family business which combines reading and socializing. And now they have moved out of New Delhi to make Chandigarh the first leg of their expansion model.

But why Chandigarh? Anuj replies, “Because we had clients from Chandigarh who would bother to travel to Delhi to visit us. And coming to Chandigarh will not only serve them but help us to associate with the intellectuals of the city. That’s why we don’t hire fancy managers or MBA graduates as store managers, but prefer people who have worked with us for several years and have that practical experience to provide service to avid readers.

About its location, says Anuj, “Sector 8 is centrally located and with Punjab University nearby, we get walk-in clients as well as regular clients.”

Anuj, who advocates individual experience rather than candor, believes that creating a brand and then marketing it is not their way of doing business. “If we expand, there will always be a family member and our team running it. At the moment, given the warm reception in Chandigarh, there are plans to set up another store, but the venue is not yet final, whether it is Chandigarh or Ludhiana,” he says.


Ranging from general books to collectibles like The Impossible Collection of Fashion, a coffee table book that costs a whopping Rs 96,000, the store offers a wide variety. From leather-bound classics to fabric classics, from the Japanese manga collection to the Marvel and DC comic book collection, it’s all covered.