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Best sellers of the week: September 19, 2022


Portrait of the author

The portrait of marriage by Maggie O’Farrell debuts at number six on our list of hardcover novels. It’s a “lush and provocative historical one”, according to our star-studded reviewer, which “follows a young woman married at 15 through the complex world of 16th-century Italian city-states”. O’Farrell’s previous novel, 2020s Hamnettook five months to make it to our list and to date has sold nearly 300,000 copies in print.

In the Land of Clubs

by Javier Zamora Lonely, Read with Jenna’s September pick, lands at #9 on our hardcover nonfiction list. It’s “a hugely moving story of despair and hardship” according to our star-studded reviewer, recounting “his childhood migration from El Salvador to the United States” Zamora’s 2017 debut, not accompaniedtransmitted his experiences in verse, but, he recently told the Guardian, he discovered that prose could do what poetry could not. “In poetry, there is a lot of white space. I think it’s a metaphor for how, on the surface, I was coping with what had happened to me. With the help of a therapist and meditation, I really put in a lot of effort to look at my past to understand myself better. And in doing so, I had the time, space, and sanity to fill the page.

What a journey

Mo Willems has the No. 10 book in the country with The Pigeon will ride the roller coaster!, the eighth title featuring his irascible avian persona. “Every Pigeon book is a reaction,” Willems said. TP in an interview ahead of his US Book Show 2022 keynote. “The Pigeon find, wanna, Needs, gets, can not, mustand this time it will be fine Something. It involves planning, expectation, acceptance and readjustment. Pigeon’s new release, Willems suggested, reflects what many readers have been going through lately: “Have your last few years been a roller coaster?


Stephen King
#1 Hardcover Fiction, #1 Overall
A teenager finds a portal to another world in the latest King, “an overly long fantasy likely to appeal to his YA fans,” according to our review. “The illustrations at the start of each chapter, along with descriptions of what they include, convey more of a youthful feel. This attempt to create a sense of wonder and magic fails.

J. Bradford DeLong
#16 Hardcover Nonfiction
“Dramatic economic growth during the long 20th century [1870–2010] fueled visionary hopes, but never quite realized them, according to this in-depth study” by UC Berkeley economic historian DeLong, according to our star-studded review. “The author imparts a wealth of information in elegant, accessible prose, combining broad period perspectives with compelling discussions of everything from AC electricity to the gender wage gap.”

A version of this article originally appeared in the 09/19/2022 issue of Weekly editors under the title: Behind the bestsellers from September 4 to 10, 2022