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Best sellers of the week: August 15, 2022


queen of all media

The #6 book in the country is Shea Ernshaw’s Long Live the Pumpkin Queen, a YA paranormal romance based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. Three decades after the release of Tim Burton’s film, why does the Halloween Town story live on? Karen Raugust, TP‘s corresponding to the licenses, has some ideas. “Its holiday season lasts almost six months, as it is relevant to both Halloween and Christmas. So it’s never out of the public eye for long, but there’s still a little break,” she said. Plus, “it’s one of the few true all-ages properties, appealing to kids and adults alike and not at all off-putting to tweens and teens, as it’s a bit quirky and a bit dark, as well as sweet.”

In the Land of Clubs

Reese’s Book Club’s Pick for August, Wrong place Wrong time by Gillian McAllister, is an “intriguing time travel mystery”, according to our review, whose “entertaining look at motherhood and memory will resonate with many”. It debuts at No. 3 on our hardcover fiction list, leading the pack of new book club picks. At 10, Mercury Pictures Presentsthe Barnes & Noble Book Club’s pick, is Anthony Marra’s ‘meticulously crafted latest’, according to our reviewer, and ‘follows a host of foreigners as they attempt to traverse pre-WWII Italy and Los Angeles in wartime with some of their morality intact.” Afong Moy’s Many Daughters by Jamie Ford, #11, explores “the connections between seven generations of women,” according to our review, “beginning with the historic Afong Moy, considered the first Chinese woman to immigrate to the United States.” It’s the Read with Jenna selection as well as Amerie’s Book Club pick; the latter, launched by the eponymous singer in 2019, spotlights “diverse and unique perspectives and voices” through his Instagram account.

material world

Alexis Hall lands at number 16 on our paperback list with husband materiala sequel to his beloved 2020 queer romantic comedy boyfriend material. Our reviewer wasn’t wowed (“the frothy, episodic plot has so much filler it’s hard to invest in”) but admitted that the banter between Luke and Oliver “runs stronger than ever, and fans from the first book will be glad to see them again. Seems to be the case, judging by #BookTok’s passionate responses – no spoilers here, but reactions range from “every time I think about the ending, I get mad again” (@a.veryqueerartsclub) to this @mygaybookcase review: “It was
hilarious, it was awesome, it was faded, but that ending really sold me.

New and remarkable

Eichiro Oda
#6 Trading Paperback
When the first volume of Oda’s pirate manga landed on these shores in 2003, our reviewer said, “A play should have no trouble finding an audience in America. Two decades later, single volumes and omnibus editions of the series have sold a combined 2.9 million print copies.

BLEACH, VOL. 1 (20th anniversary ed.)
Tite Kubo
#8 Trade Paperback
Another landmark manga – this one featuring a part-time college student, full-time soul-reaper named Ichigo – lands on our list this week, along with the series’ August 20, 2001 launch cover in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

A version of this article originally appeared in the 08/15/2022 issue of Weekly editors under the title: Behind the best sales 31 July-August. 6, 2022