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Author David Dean’s Upcoming Horror Novel ‘Ocracoke’ Is Now Available For Pre-Order

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How much evil will society tolerate in exchange for a good quality of life? This is the underlying question of the new horror novel Ocrakoke now available for pre-order from North Carolina author David Dean.


Coming out this Halloween, the book tells the story of Thomas White, a 160-year-old vampire posing as an entrepreneur in his 20s, a survivor of a British shipwreck long ago on the bucolic beach of Ocracoke as a benevolent despot. with a combination of economic incentives and fear.

According to Dean, he tried to make an independent film of the same name a few years ago. “We actually shot a lot of scenes in and around Ocracoke, everyone in the village was friendly and welcoming and the plot of the film was very well received locally,” Dean said. “Unfortunately, shortly after leaving the island of North Carolina, we went into lockdown due to the coronavirus, and all of our other filming locations moved back. By the time the restrictions were lifted, the cast and production company had moved on.

“COVID killed my film,” he explained.

Burdened with debt from the failed production, Dean said he walked away from his script and focused on finishing and publishing a novel this summer, his suspense/thriller OBX, which helped him regain his confidence.


“OBX sales have been much better than I imagined,” Dean explained. “The support from retailers and booksellers up and down the Outer Banks has been tremendous, everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging it has made me want to return to ocracoke.”

The Ocracoke novel is more detailed and nuanced than its original screenplay, Dean said, with the book’s format allowing for increased character development, the incorporation of more of Ocracoke Island’s history, and a in-depth examination of societal issues related to people’s tolerance for evil. as long as it benefits them personally.

“There’s still a ton of action, but with the novel I can dig deeper into White’s backstory, what made him who he is and what drives him, rather than him becoming a angry and vengeful vampire who goes on a rampage killing people,” he said. said.

Dean is currently planning a local book launch. Her novel will be available in paperback via IngramSpark and as an eBook on Amazon.com. A plot summary and more information about the book can be found on the author’s website www.daviddeanwriter.com.

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