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Amadeus IT SA: Malaysia Airlines Extends Technology and Distribution Agreement with Amadeus


Malaysia Airlines Berhad is pleased to expand its partnership with Amadeus to enhance the experience of its customers, including corporate and travel retailers over the next few years.

The multi-year agreement will see the Malaysian national airline adopt Altéa NDC, Reference Experience, Dynamic Intelligence Hub and renew its Amadeus Altéa Passenger Service System contract.

In addition, the airline has also renewed and extended its multi-year aerial content distribution partnership. Through Altéa NDC’s seamless integration with the Amadeus travel platform, travel retailers will soon be able to access Malaysia Airlines’ full range of NDC-enabled content with full service functionality.

The New Distribution Capability (NDC) is a travel industry-backed program by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) aimed at modernizing the way air products are retailed to travel agents, corporations and to travellers.

Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive, Izham Ismail, said: “Malaysia Airlines has taken a step in the right direction by adopting NDC, as modernizing airline retail is essential for the entire airline community. business travel. We are delighted to deepen our partnership after having an incredible journey with Amadeus, supporting our transformation goals which is an important part of our long-term business plan. We believe that with Amadeus’ new technology solutions beyond the passenger service system, we can deliver relevant and richer shopping experiences by enabling customers to personalize their journeys to an unprecedented level, realizing ultimately our aspirations to become Asia’s leading travel and aviation services group. »

Glen Oliveiro, Senior Vice President, Greater China & Southeast Asia, Amadeus said, “We are delighted that Malaysia Airlines is using Amadeus technology to support its digital transformation. the engine powering the recovery, and we are at the forefront of these technologies in the travel industry. We are very pleased to collaborate with Malaysia Airlines to create smoother travel for its customers through innovative technology.

Amadeus Altéa NDC offers modern retail capabilities and a more convenient and direct way to book flights. Other features include dynamic pricing and customization, access to richer content, the ability to select seats all of which will be implemented gradually.

The Amadeus Altéa suite, a key element of the partnership, includes passenger service, online booking, merchandising and data management solutions. The benefits of using Altéa PSS also extend to Amadeus travel sellers. They have the advantage of working on the same technology platform used by airlines, giving them unparalleled access to real-time data and better service to their customers.

Additionally, Malaysia Airlines will leverage Reference Experience, an open platform that will enable the airline to be more agile and user-friendly in the digital space while increasing conversion that leads to improved revenue. Amadeus’ Dynamic Intelligence Hub (DIH), a real-time data engineering platform, will centralize Malaysia Airlines data, integrate systems and automate business processes using artificial intelligence (AI).