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All Elden Ring pre-order bonuses and Special Edition content


Elden Ring has five different versions available for purchase, three of which offer physical bonus items, although not all of them are widely available.

As its February 25 release date approaches, the promotion of Ancient ring accelerated. Those who were eagerly awaiting the game were finally treated to an extensive preview of Ancient ring gameplay, which coincided with information regarding different editions of the game. All in all, there are five different versions of Ancient ring available for purchase.

The most basic version available to consumers is simply the Ancient ring Standard Edition, which only contains the game, priced at $ 60 before taxes. Pre-ordering the Standard Edition, however, will give buyers a digital adventure guide, which will provide insight into the Intermediate Lands as a way to aid players in their journey, and a bonus gesture called “The Ring.” The gesture is available to all players at a later stage of the game, but the pre-order makes it available from the start. Both of these bonuses apply to a pre-order of any edition of Ancient ring, not just the standard.

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There is also a deluxe digital edition of Ancient ring that doesn’t offer physical goodies. In addition to the game, $ 80 for Ancient ring Digital Deluxe Edition will also offer a digital art book and soundtrack. Three other versions of Ancient ring The launch edition, the collector’s edition and the premium collector’s edition will be available. Bandai Namco’s website has information on all three, but clicking on the store links gets nowhere, as it looks like they won’t be available until the digital storefront is restructured. Unfortunately, that means official pricing isn’t available, but GameStop has the Collector’s Edition listed at $ 190.

Elden Ring Launch Edition Bonus

Elden Ring Launch Edition Bonus

It appears that the launch edition of Ancient ring is only available in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The game itself will come in an alternate Steelbook, which appears to be different than the two. Ancient ring Collector’s Editions. If the Launch Edition is purchased for PC, a download code will be in the box rather than a disc. The launch edition also comes with three art cards depicting landscapes in the in between, a woven patch of the Ancient ring logo, three stickers and a poster.

Elden Ring Collector’s Edition Bonus

Elden Ring Collector's Edition Bonus

The collector’s edition of Ancient ring includes all the bonuses of the launch edition, but has a different Steelbook. The PC purchase also comes with a digital download code. The Collector’s Edition also includes a digital soundtrack, a 40-page hardcover art book and a 23-centimeter tall statue of Malenia, Ancient ringthe red-haired boss. The Collector’s Edition will be available at participating retailers.

Elden Ring Premium Collector’s Edition Bonus

Elden Ring Premium Collector's Edition Bonus

Ancient ringThe most exclusive version of, the Premium Collector’s Edition, will only be available through the official Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe store, meaning those in North America will have to find another way to purchase it. Everything offered in the Collector’s Edition is included, but the Ancient ring The Premium Collector’s Edition also includes a helmet. It’s 1: 1 scale and numbered, inspired by Malenia’s gaming headset, and comes with a stand to display it.

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