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A hilarious and clever satirical take on recent political unrest


Make America Great Again

Bo Bancroft


A nimble political satire that should appeal to Americans of all persuasions… reminiscent of the books of Christopher Buckley, the author of Thank You for Smoking.

— Reviews of Kirkus

UNITED STATES, Sept. 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — With nationwide riots, a rocky presidential election and a Capitol insurrection, there has been endless fodder for political unrest and societal distress. Let author Bo Bancroft and his debut novel MAKE AMERICA BEAUTIFUL AGAIN remind us that a little levity goes a long way in healing, catharsis, and reigniting communicative conversation.

Bancroft tackles domestic terrorism, eco-terrorism, political unrest and questionable political affiliations and motivations in a novel that is sure to have readers sitting on the edge of their seats in suspense, laughing as they walk. with a cast of characters trying to solve the mystery of a coordinated attack, a missing family and suspicious activity among Georgia’s political leaders.

The novel takes off with the explosion of 100 bombs along a deserted highway lined with towering billboards. The Worthington siblings immediately worry about what this attack could mean for their family’s advertising business. But when one of the brothers suddenly disappears, the remaining couple must delve into the Georgian political landscape to research the cause and motivation for the attack, and how their brother may have been drawn into the plot. Continuing their efforts is an inexperienced Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent who vacillates between his nurturing suspicions of the Worthingtons’ involvement and his sympathy for their plight.

While taking its readers on a thrilling investigation through some of Georgia’s most private political spaces, Bancroft also touches on important issues of class struggle, racism, bigotry and exploitation, both through observations made by its relatable characters and through the high-pressure situations. these citizens find each other.

Perhaps most importantly, Bancroft tackles these difficult subjects and a suspense-thriller-worthy plot through witty banter and satire. The author plays well in the self-deprecating humor and sibling-rival style banter that often pops up between siblings, making for a more believable read than one would otherwise suspect. But there is also an elevated style of humor in the book, rooted in the descriptions of the landscape and events, as well as the internal observations made of senior officials and major political figures by the main characters.

The book is already receiving praise.

BookView Review calls it “a first-class adrenaline rush…offers a riveting satire of jaded bureaucratic practices and senseless human angst…With its savage fusion of individual struggles and political intrigue, the novel keep turning the pages.

Adds The Prairies Book Review: “Noisy, resourceful and fun; must read. Throughout, Bancroft probes class struggle, racism, bigotry and exploitation. Readers will be wowed by this witty and fulfilling adventure.

MAKE AMERICA BEAUTIFUL AGAIN is a clever commentary on the current political landscape and the fears that many citizens have had in recent years about the future of the country. This book is sure to have readers laughing and thinking in equal measure at every ridiculous twist and encounter – and ready to carry on an important political conversation that recently may have seemed too “big” to handle.

MAKE AMERICA BEAUTIFUL AGAIN is available at Amazon and other popular retailers where the books are sold.

Bo Bancroft grew up in Ohio where he graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in marketing. Bo and his wife Aree live in Atlanta and their adult daughter, Aly, resides in Washington, DC. Most of his professional career has been devoted to business development in the telecommunications industry. At first he worked for major cable networks, then moved into the technology sector as the industry evolved into today’s sophisticated news delivery system.

Currently, he works for Habitat for Humanity International, serving those looking for affordable housing. In his spare time, Bo enjoys spending time with his family and friends, an eclectic team of people who keep their spirits up and spirits high. He also spends a lot of time exploring the city’s many wooded wonders and the mountains of North Georgia. A devoted Labrador lover, Bo is rarely seen without a loyal Lab by his side. Lula’s paw prints are present throughout this book, from recklessly crashing through the forest to cowering in his desk as he writes. Visit https://bobancroft.com.

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