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4 backup big man trade targets for Celtics to use their $17.1m TPE on


The Boston Celtics were widely considered unlikely to use their $17.1 million traded player exception (TPE) before it expires on July 17 after trading for Indiana Pacers point guard Malcolm Brogdon given that the team is now about $20 million in the league’s luxury tax, but recent reporting by The Athletic’s Jared Weiss reported that Boston isn’t done looking for ways to use it.

It would most likely be for a backup big man given that’s the only real need for one of the NBA’s deepest teams, but with that big tax bill pending as the roster currently sits, suggests that such a move to bring in a dearer big man would likely see a rotation player like Derrick White, Grant Williams or Payton Pritchard come out to help balance the books.

Such exchanges could exhaust even the most ardent trading machine fans with the possibilities, so we won’t explore the actual offerings themselves.

But we have four potential targets that might make sense given what they can do for Boston, their salary and their limited future with their current team.

Let’s see which might make sense for the Celtics.

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Olynyk knows the Celtics if not head coach Ime Udoka, and can shoot and pass well enough to fit into the team’s regular-season play.

Not a suitable idea defensively and with another season remaining on an already costly contract for his level of play, he would likely be part of a deal moving Derrick White if that were to happen at this stage.

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Favors don’t make much sense on the Thunder and like an expiring deal might even make sense with a player like Luke Kornet coming back to cut the tax bill a bit.

And while he doesn’t hit well enough from 3 to be an ideal option, his game away from the basket and his size are enough that he could likely help Boston save Al Horford and Robert Williams III for the playoffs. .

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Saric is a mystery box that would likely cost little given the uncertainty of his health following a torn ACL from which he spent the last year recovering, in contrast to his considerable salary.

He’s not an ideal fit even though he’s healthy given his lightweight frame and Boston’s need for a paint presence, but he could become an asset to play on the upside if the Suns have to clear. the cap quickly for a trade with Kevin Durant (or Deandre Ayton deal).

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The Raptors will likely hang on to Birch for the same reason the Celtics might love him considering he has the waist-step girth to operate in the paint when a team needs strength in the position.

If he were available and not too expensive in terms of demand, Birch’s cheap salary and skill set puts him among our favorite potential solutions for Boston at backup 5.